Medical bandages

Sheer Strip Bandages, 3/4" - 100 per box. More in Bandages. Metal Detectable Bandages, Knuckle. Butterfly Bandages, Medium - 20 per box. ACE bandages are antimicrobial and inhibit the growth of bacteria on the bandage. Elastic Strip Bandages - 50 per box. Fingertip Bandages - X-Large, 25 per box. . band-aid, butterfly bandages, waterproof bandages, kids bandages. Providing useful solutions to customer needs for 29 years. round and spot bandages, liquid bandages, fabric bandages, waterproof bandagesBandages are a piece of material to support a medical apparatus, such as wound dressings, or on its own to administer support to the body. These Bandages are used by athletes to treat muscle sprains and strains and medical professionals to treat lymphedema and other venous conditions. First aid supplies serve a variety of needs, such as: Providing easy access to medical supplies for employees, families and patients. Elastic Bandages, 3" x 5 YD - 1 per box. Stock up on a variety of medical bandages today to be prepared for whatever tomorrow may bring! Related Searches. 3" Plastic Strip Bandages. Adhesive Medical BandagesNational “VAWD” accredited distributor offering competitively priced Bandages, Gauze, Pads, Tapes, Wound Cleaners and Dressing nationwide. Help save a life while waiting for medical professionals to arrive and Facilitate proper healing of everyday cuts and scrapes. Bandages, additionally, can be used to inhibit bodily fluids from flowing, such as blood, lymph fluid, and more. Try the 3M ACE Elastic Bandage that comes with a Velcro band closure for securing the bandage. Available in a variety of types, from padding to compression, and sizes, you will be able to find the right bandage for your specific needs. Dura Strip Bandages, 1" - 100 per box. Popular medical supplies commonly used are gauze bandages, tapes and antibiotic ointments. Elastic Bandages, 2" x 5 YD - 1 per box

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